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What is a

Distinguished member?

Every month, the officer board produces and announces new events you can attend to receive Distinguished Member points. These events can range from mentorship events, painting socials, boba fundraisers, volunteering with Give Kids the World, movie nights, crazy costume parties, and off campus adventures!

Each semester, Honors Congress notes how active its members are by keeping track of the number of events each member attends. Certain events can earn members a Distinguished Member point. At the end of each semester, if you have earned 15 Distinguished Member points, you become a Distinguished Member.

Honors Congress rewards the Distinguished Members by throwing them a special Distinguished Member Event* that the members get to vote on and is completely free at the end of each semester! In the past our Distinguished Members have been able to ride the Icon Park Starflyer, try out in-door sky diving at iFly, and dine at Disney Springs.  

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