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Honor Roll

The Honor Roll, headed by the Director of Publications & Marketing, is Honors Congress's creative magazine.

Why is Honors Congress producing a magazine/newsletter when we already have The Courier?

​​Within the Burnett Honors College and even Honors Congress, there is a big focus on STEM majors and when taking a quick glance, many aspects of the College and sectors of our organization caters towards them; there aren’t as many opportunities for individuals in the arts (writing, visual, performing, etc.) to make an impact and proudly represent themselves within the Honors community.

What is inside The Honor Roll?

Through this magazine, we hope to give a platform and creative outlet for all of the Honors community and our Honors Congress members. This magazine includes sections which:

  1. Announce upcoming events for Honors Congress

  2. Give a recap of past Honors Congress events

  3. Create a place for Honors students to share what they are passionate about

  4. Provide all Honors students a comfortable place to send anonymous questions and give tips to fellow students

  5. Showcase student submissions to a monthly creative prompt

For additional questions/concerns feel free to reach out to the Director of Publications & Marketing at!

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